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Timeshare Cancellation

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Born in the technological hub of Silicon Valley, California and using the same principles that enabled Silicon Valley to flourish, ABN Legal Solutions quickly became innovative and adapted to the rapid and chaotic challenges our economy faced. From there, our mission was to ensure delivery of a quality service and product to clients: clients like you!

Our Expertise

Real Estate Paralegal

Our original speciality! Our services in the Real Estate Law arena include (and are not limited to) Title Search, Document Retrieval, and tax Certification Search.

Digital Marketing

In a digital world, it takes digital marketing of a digital brand to reach your audience from potential clients to potential investors. Our products include (and are not limited to): Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Pay Per Click, and MORE!

Staff Augmentation

In today's turbulent economic arena, you need cutting-edge human resources to get the job done in ways AI cannot. That is why we offer the latest in Staff Augmentation, which includes (and is not limited to): IT Staffing, Non-IT Service Recruitment, Bulk Hiring, and Sales Hiring.

Cloud Service Providing

We help our customers to build short-term plans and long-term strategies for their cloud road map. We can help you to migrate your data into the cloud without any difficulty, as we are closely working with AWS, AZURE & Google Cloud to provide the highest optimal delivery possible.

Cyber Security Services

When it comes to Cyber Security, we focus on all of the critical elements such as strategy, governance, risk management, Infrastructure Management, and Architecture Implementation. Do not wait: contact us for your free consultation on Cyber Security today!

Design and

We have recently acquired resources who can design and develop any type of customized software, CRM, HRM, or any application you desire. Do you need a Mobile Application? We do that too!

Timeshare Cancellation

We have recently merged with Timeshare Solutions Plus, a cutting-edge industry leader with over 15 years experience and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau! Qualified customers can expect huge savings and one-to-one premium customer service!


Will Duncan

Co-Founder/Executive Director
of Corporate Management

Balaji Radhakrishna

Co-Founder/Executive Director
of Product Management

Why choose us?

The answer to that is another question: WHY NOT!? Today, in a turbulent economic world, we have overcome challenges to become THE PREMIER Multi-Service, Innovative, Client-driven solution to YOUR needs. Other companies are robotic: the ability to empathize with clients and show you they care is literally a foreign concept to them. Not with us: we not only offer you a free consultation EVERY TIME but we also appoint you a designated Account Manager to tend to your every need and make sure quality is of the highest tier. Our company was founded by paralegals, who have worked with some of the largest litigation firms in the United States. Attorneys can be VERY strict in terms of demands and quality, so we have incorporated that experience into providing a service that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them!
Please email us directly at balaji@abnlegalsolutions.com and willd@abnlegalsolutions.com! Do not wait: get your free consultation today!